Product Manufacturing Consulting

Product Manufacturing Consulting

We help you prepare for product manufacturing

The costs associated with local Australian product manufacturing are increasingly driving manufacturing offshore – particularly to China, and whilst this is in many cases the “cheapest” option, there are a number of other hurdles and issues Australian product developers will face.

Many Australian businesses encounter all sorts of problems in dealing with Chinese manufacturers.  Many of these are language based, but there are also cultural and quality issues which often need to be resolved as well.

Design Filter’s senior consultants are native Chinese speakers and well versed in the language and cultural diversity you are likely to face when working with manufacturers based in China and Asia.

Chinese Product Manufacturing Liaison

Many Chinese manufacturers have their own design teams who will work on the design phase of your product.  However, trying to explain/understand technical design issues, which can be confusing to the uninitiated using the same language – can often escalate into major problems when language translation is also required.  Our consultants can liaise between you and your Chinese design team to ensure that communication is handled effectively and that there is no confusion over what is required.