Industrial Design Brisbane

Design Filter will guide you through the entire industrial design process.

Industrial design and product design are synonymous. There are many different aspects of Industrial/Product Design and different clients have different needs.  We can assist you with all stages of the design process – from concept through to manufacturing.

We are skilled at conceptual hand drawings, converting client’s ideas into 3d models, providing 3d printed prototypes, getting the product ready for manufacturing and producing 2d technical drawings.

Many people are unsure exactly what is meant by Industrial Design. The video below provides a good overview :

Industrial design

Involves the entire gamut of processes in development of a product, or a service, from conceptualization to manufacturing. Usually, this term is used in products which are meant for mass consumption. The aim of Industrial design is to improve the value of the product in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics and appeal. In other words, value addition is the aim or goal of industrial design.

There are several steps which are involved in industrial design. Not all of our clients need help with all of these services, but we can assist you with some or all of the following :


This is perhaps the most important step in the entire process. The industrial designer first understands the requirement or end use of the product. Thereafter, a detailed report is created in consultation with various stakeholders – engineering production, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, marketing, sales and POS (Point of sale). The designer works on optimizing all aspects of the process. The basic goal is to provide quality products at optimum cost to the users.

Prototype design

This step is crucial to the success of the entire design process. The conceptual design is first converted into hand drawings. Modern design concepts involve extensive 3D modelling which show the product from various angles and POV (Point of View). 3D printing and prototyping can quickly bring design concepts into manufacturing stage. 2D engineering drawings are prepared leading to final production.

Product design

Once the prototype is cleared for production, the product design activity takes over. This may include choosing proper material for the product, manufacturing process, distribution and point of sale.

Material management 

This is an important area which can lead to considerable cost savings. Materials should be ergonomic, should be visually appealing in terms of color, texture, look and feel.

The manufacturing & production process

It means conversion of raw materials into finished products, must be fully optimized, leading to minimum wastages. The green manufacturing process, is a modern concept where minimum energy resources are utilized and green energy (non-fossil fuel) is used wherever possible.


This is another aspect of industrial design which must be attended to. Perishable, fragile and delicate products must be specially packaged to avoid damage during transit. Attractive packaging reflects the quality of products which they contain. Use of organic material for packaging is nowadays preferred over plastics and composites.

Warehousing and distribution 

This forms an integral part of industrial design. Use of technology in creating optimized distribution chains, from production plants to end user or POS.

Point of sale display

POS is an essential element of industrial design which requires proper attention. Attractive, relevant and focused POS display can lead to better sales realization.