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Technical drawing example

Design Filter Drafting Service

Not only can we design and develop your product in a 3d space, we also produce the 2d technical drawings that are required for many types of manufacturing and patent applications. By utilising the same designer to develop a product from concept to manufacturing allows the client to rest assured that nothing will be lost along the way.

Engineering Drawings

Engineering drawing is a standardized system of technical drawings which convey dimensions, tolerances and materials of a product from the designer stage to the production floor.  Usually these are in the form of 2D drawings.

Prior to the advent of computers, engineering drawings were produced manually with the help of T-square and other instruments. These were converted into blue prints which were used by manufacturing units. However, all engineering drawings are now produced with CAD or Computer Aided Design.

There are numerous CAD software available in the market. Some are used to create specialized drawings. An intimate knowledge of CAD is required to produce effective drawings which leave no room for ambiguity. Materials and tolerances must be specified accurately since modern manufacturing may entail production of various parts of a product at different geographical locations. These components are then integrated to produce the final product.

Use of CAD allows engineers to create different views of a product, making visualization easier. By converting 2D images into 3D models, one can get a better feel of the end product. 2D CAD drawings can be printed using plotters and large scale printers. They can also be directly used in the form of digital files which can be transmitted to production units through internet.