Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

Let us guide you through the design process from the very first phase of design

Conceptal Design

Concept design as a process is difficult to define in exact terms. However, it is universally accepted that this is the creative part of a design process. It is the intermediate step between solving a human need and producing detailed design of a product.

Concept design looks at a problem from the perspective of finding ideal solutions for it. Therefore, this process remains free from constraints, in terms of materials, form and economics. It is a creative process, which is given free rein in order to ideate product design. At this stage, certain practical aspects may be completely overlooked in favour of the idyllic or perfection.

Hand drawings and even written explanations may serve as concept design. It looks at finding solutions to human needs and desires. Fulfilment or the final product is not the aim when looking at concept design. A utopian solution will have to be whittled down by practical considerations and constraints, before the product design is frozen. Limitation in materials, manufacturing processes and cost contribute towards reducing the scope of the project.

Concept design must therefore be kept free from usual material constraints. It must look at the bigger picture and ask relevant questions. What need will the product fulfil? How best can this need be fulfilled?

How these are to be fulfilled, forms part of the detailed design, where more mundane limitations take over and diminish the scope of work.