3D Modelling

3D Modelling

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3D modelling for product development

With the advent of computers there has been a quantum change in the way products are designed and brought to market. Engineering a quality product is a complex task. It involves many areas of expertise. No doubt, problems can arise at any level. 3d modelling can obviate such issues, saving time and money for product developers.

3D modelling software

There are many 3d modelling software in the market, each catering to a different segment. Software for architectural modelling is different from what is used for industrial products. It is essential to intimately understand the strength of each software and choose the right one to model your product.

Advantages of 3d modelling

Visualization is perhaps the most important aspect of product design. Unfortunately, in conventional design processes, this can only happen when the product prototype is created. Making changes can therefore be costly. With 3d modelling, one can easily visualize a product in all its facets – look, feel, texture, ergonomics and attractiveness. One can make as many changes as required without concomitant expenditure.

Enhances creativity and innovation

Free from constraints, designers can now play and experiment with different models. This results in better product design. Testing and evaluation becomes easier with everyone getting involved with the design process.  Eventually, 3d modelling is a productivity tool which no modern designer can do without.