3D Animation

3D Animation

Design Filter is an expert service provider in the area of 3d design


How can we help- At Design Filter, in addition to utilising our design skills and services, a 3d animation video can be produced to provide insight, marketing or training material easily as an extra deliverable.

3D product animation- Technology has revolutionized the way we think and live. In the sphere of design, 3D product animation has been a magical development. Visualizing products, experiencing stunning graphical representations of future products, which are still in development and engaging customer’s right from the concept stage can be effectively realised using modern 3D product animation.

Better than video- 3D product animations are far more effective when compared to video. With video you can at most explore the exterior of a finished product. With 3D animation it is possible, to reach into the innards of a product, feel the working of components, look at an exploded view and do much more. The possibilities are immense and only restricted by your imagination.

Model a product before product gets into production- Many products of high technical superiority fail to grab the imagination of customers. These can be costly mistakes which can be avoided using 3D product animation. Customers can now provide feedback on yet to be produced products. Measures can be taken to rectify or modify products to suit user requirements, thus saving money.

Can be used in displays, POS, exhibitions and trade fairs- 3D animations are a great way to enhance the appeal of a product. Attractive models, which can be animated to create different views and cross-sections of a product , can do wonders to its overall image and boost sales.