3D Design

3D Design

Design Filter is an expert service provider in the area of 3d design

3D Design Service

Design Filter is an expert service provider in the area of 3d design. There is no better way to take an idea through the development process, refining along the way and utilising technologies such as 3d printing. We use the latest tools and best practice to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the outcome of their project.

Benefits of 3D Design

3D design has revolutionized product development processes. Due to the many benefits of 3D design, it has been widely accepted and used in a variety of industries.Product development is a complex process which begins from conceptualization and ends at the doorstep of the customer. In conventional 2D design, many errors creep in, mainly because of limitation of visualization. Inherently, 2D mechanical drawings cannot provide the depth and feel of a product. As a result, the designs are flawed in many respects. Loss of accuracy, faulty component design and incorrect output data are some leading issues with conventional design, which can be overcome with modern 3D techniques.

Integration of 3D design with CAD/CAM

One of the major advantage of 3D design is the smooth process flow – from design to manufacturing. Computer aided design (CAD) can accelerate the design process and quickly lead to manufacturing and fulfilment.  Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) is a faster and extremely accurate method to produce high quality components and products.  The CAD/CAM process is a zero tolerance method which enhances visualization and results in exceptionally high standards in production activity.3D design uses many standard tools to give shape to a product. However, experience is required to select the right software for a specific product.