Product Design Brief

Product Design Brief

Details of your Design Requirements

In order for us to gain a better understanding of your product design needs, and be able to make informed choices about how we can best help you, it is important that you complete and submit the following  information about your product, and what stage you are at within the product design process.

This information is very important for us to be able to provide you with a quote for design services (and we may need to follow up with additional questions as well), and the more information you are able to provide, the more you will get out of our initial consultation as we won’t need to spend so much time gathering information about what you want and need.

    About You

    Have you created any other products or is this your first ?
    First productCreated Other Products

    Your Product/Idea

    We understand that you may be wary about providing "commercially sensitive" information about your product or product idea... so we don't expect you to go into too much detail at this stage, but the more you are able to tell us, the better we will be able to assist you.

    Upload attachments (sketches etc)

    Where are you currently At?

    What have you already achieved (tick all that apply)

    Product IdeaCreated a Rough SketchUndertaken Market ResearchConsidered Manufacturing processConsidered MaterialsContacted an IP LawyerDone a Patent SearchCreated Patent DrawingsSubmitted Patent3D Design Drawings CreatedPrototype CreatedContacted ManufacturersConsidered Distribution ChannelsConsidered Marketing Options

    What do you Need

    What would you like asistance with in the next few months(tick all that apply)

    Rough SketchDesign ConceptsMarket ResearchManufacturing AdviceMaterials AdviceIP Advice3D Design & ModellingPrototypeManufacturing ContactsDistribution AdviceMarketing Advice


    When would you hope/expect to complete each of the following milestones :

    Rough Sketch -

    Design Concept -

    Market Research -

    IP Advice -

    3D Design -

    Prototype -


    How much are you hoping/expecting to pay for :

    Design Advice - $100 $5000

    IP/Patent Advice - $100 $5000

    3D Design - $100 $5000

    Prototype - $100 $5000