Product Design Brisbane

Product design is both an art and a science. It is a combination of improving the aesthetics of a product, the functionality, and the performance. It also serves technical purposes such as documentation for production, new technologies, or IP purposes.

The ultimate outcome for us is to deliver you a product that is superior to your competitors or is better than what is currently available in terms of marketability and performance. Obviously, your product can also be a new invention!

10 key areas where Product Design adds value:

1. Lower Costs – because we understand the manufacturing processes, we lower production costs by streamlining the components or by improving the material choices.

2. Visual Appeal – we improve the sale-ability of your product by modernizing its design, and increasing the appeal to your target market by adapting to the latest market trends.

3. Improved Performance – we innovate to make your product easier to use, smaller, faster, stronger, or better. A higher performing product provides an edge over your competitors!

4. Improved Durability – we analyze the weak points that are the source of breakage. We stabilize and improve this so that you have less returns and greater product longevity.

5. New Features – we ask the question ‘what if?’ and deliver the ah-ha moment with new features that will delight your customers.

6. Eco Friendly – we reduce packaging, change materials, and improve manufacturing process to decrease the environmental impact of your product.

7. Legal Requirements – we adapt your product to meet changes in legal, design & safety standards, and compliance requirements.

8. Product Drawings – we produce 3D drawings and photo realistic renders that can be used as sales tools, or as part of product information kits. Help you better picture your product before production.

9. Technical Drawings  – we produce technical drawings and CAD files that are required for prototyping and manufacturing, and when required, for the use of patent applications.

10. Chinese Manufacturing – we are fluent in Chinese and experienced in doing business in Asia. We can work on your behalf to source offshore manufacturing suppliers.


Would your product benefit from one or more of the above product improvements?


Small improvements in one or two areas can often provide the difference in how profitable or saleable your product is.

To find out how our service can be of benefit to you –

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Design Filter is a Brisbane based product design firm with over 10 years design and manufacturing experience. We specialize in product innovation and product improvement. We work with local and international clients on their new product ideas, and improve both the visual appeal and the functional performance of our clients’ existing products.