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Food mould for people with eating difficulties (Dysphagia)

Food mould for people with eating difficulties (Dysphagia)


Our client “Flavour Creations” launched their latest product last week.

The pureed food moulds were designed by us with the client’s specific request.

The food moulds are designed for people with eating difficulties, also called “dysphagia,” mostly common in elderly people.  The moulds are created to resemble the food’s original shape and restores the consumer’s dignity and help improve their food intake.

One of our challenges while working on the mould designs was each one of the food types needs to meet specific volume and foot print restrictions for each food portion. The whole range of moulds were designed specifically to a certain thickness so the food can be heated up evenly without any thinner parts that could dry out during the heating process, causing it to become a eating hazard for the consumer.

Another challenge was the texture for some of the high detail moulds.  We needed to make sure there were not any details too small, causing the puree to dry out, but also maintain and resemble the original food represented.

The designs went through multiple shape and volume changes and tested with many 3D printed prototype moulds to achieve the final food shape that was now produced.

We’re very happy to see our client have their product on the market on a such a quick lead time. Just over 2 months in total from the conceptual design to the final design approval. Congrats to Flavour Creations on their latest product! We’re very proud to be part of this design process and helping more people with eating difficulties and another product that’s designed in Australia.